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Level Editing 

Which Game Level editor?

You can use Third Party "Quake-Map" Level editors however when you BSP and export your .map file to Genesis3D, it will be stripped of all of it's textures, actors, entities, etc. that you apply.      Just the non-textured world geometry, objects, and prefabs placed in the level with remain intact as you import it into "Gedit. The rest will be "stripped" from the level.

So I myself find it easier to build my levels in GEDIT where I can preview my Textured world while building it, to aid in the realism of level design.  If I need an object that requires "vertex" editing to build it. I can build it in one of these editors, then import it to GEDIT alone.
Secondly, resale it to my Genesis3D world specs, export it as a prefab, load my level and re-import this prefab in to my world.  Sounds like allot but you'll find this seldom needed, and that building blindly in a third-party editor has few if any pluses...

Here's a quick glance comparison chart:  

Feature BSP/Darkedit QOOLE Worldcraft QERadiant GEDIT
Vertex editing YES YES YES YES NO
Leak test YES NO YES YES .pnt test
Stairs ALL Types NO NO NO  Block stairs
Tutorials available (rating) 8 6 8 7 5
Views x,y,z,3D 2 views:      3D & x,y, or z    view 4 views 4 views 4 views 4 views
3D View walk (Rating) 7 6 7 7 8
Onboard prefabs NO YES YES NO NO
Advanced primitive parameters YES YES NO NO YES
recommend YES YES YES NO ----

NEW!  Michael Brumm has released his revision of the Genesis World Editor. You may want to check this out! Download HERE
 This is free but please help contribute to his efforts with a $20.00 shareware fee.


Third Party Level Editors:

Note: Remember these editors will only be useful for building and exporting untextured world geometry, prefabs, and objects.

NEW! WorldCraft:
. wc21.EXE   [ More Info ] [ Download ] 7483 4/10/1999 8 MB
WorldCraft v2.1
One of the most popular and powerful level editors available! Supports various games including Quake, Quake2, and Half-Life. and of Course Genesis3d. But mainly for level construction, not entity palcement and event scripting. - Courtesy of file-planet of the Gamespy network.

Version 1.6c lite version shareware Download  v1.6

WINQoole: Version 2.50 lite version can be Downloaded here  for free and "unlocked" upon registration into a fully featured version. Use to cost $29.99 - This website:   seems to have moved or perhaps he has quit the business? The download is link to another website.

BSP:  Old website is offline I dug this file off of my old hard drive: DOWNLOAD THIS FILE: BSP92A - then update with this BSP.93 Upgrade here.
Yahn Bernier is the creator of this Level editor, after using it you'll see why he was hired at 
VALVE Software LLC as their lead programmer for the Game "Half-Life".  The Darkedit editor below is actually a revision and updated design of this great editor, the synergetics-entertainment team bought the source code to enhance and modify.
I will post the BSP tutorials if any requests are added.

DARKEDIT: Old website is offline I dug this file off of my old hard drive:  Attaining the original BSP source code from Yahn Bernier, a team of developers have modified this great editor to export directly to G3D as well as other enhanced  features. Nice work fellas!
Download the beta 2 version here

QERadiant: Broken link- temporarly unavailable Using the source code to build a windows 95 version of Id software's editor used to build quake2. You can get the latest version 1.0 (build 135) for free: Download Here

Relinked! Stoneless: This is a vary advance but seldom mention editor but you may have to convert your Quake1 maps made in here using M2M. (see below file link)   Download here


New! Level Editing Tutorials - JazzyKat

The Basics - Textures - The Bulk Design - Extra Detail - Prefabs - Adding Weapons
Using the Cut Brush - Creating and animating doors and moving platforms
Water - Ladders - Lighting


The art of Level design:Colin williamson
A seven page 1.6 meg PDF document that has some great tips, techniques for G3D, Half-Life, quake, etc. level/ map makers!

Terry Morgen's Tips & turials on "GEDIT" Genesis3D v1.0 level editor:

Outdoor terrain made easy: Good tutorial to help you come up with nice looking outdoor terrain in G3D 1.0

Terry Morgen's Tips & turials on "GEDIT" 
Genesis3D beta 4  of the v1.0 level editor:
Somewhat outdated-
Genesis GEDIT part 1

Genesis GEDIT part 2

Genesis GEDIT part 3

Genesis GEDIT part 4

! - (505K) (8-4-2000) -Making a Gensurf  terrain level, assorted tips and hints.  (1.5MB)- using Randmap and World Craft 3.3 to generate 
random Genesis3d levels.


Worldcraft 2 Gedit conversion & info - Derek Barr

About hint brushes & detail brushes - Kodji / CyTech

SOULBOX Tutorials:

Part 1 - Generating rooms
1.1 - Our first room
1.2 - Cut Brushes and Models
1.3 - Mirrors and Liquids
1.4 - Lighting Effects
1.5 - Tips

Part 2 - Generating surfaces
2.1 - Creating with FraQuake
2.2 - Creating with Worldcraft

Part 3 - Making models (missing images)
3.1 - Making models
3.2 - Attaching skin
3.3 - Creating bones
3.4 - Adding Animations


Get Genesis3D University on CD !

The Genesis3d UNIVERSITY [G3DU] CD 
Many tutorials, file downloads and more, all on one CD, imagine that! 
Over 530 megs of files!  Just look over all of this website, to  get an idea of the CD contents. 

To review the CD content and to Find out how to get yours.  HERE





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